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News & Events In And Around Emsworth

Our Brewers – Ales & Beers

In recent years customer requests for ‘something different’ coupled to the huge expansion in craft ales has meant that we can have some fun with what we sell on the pumps.

Gin of the… Fortnight! – ‘Illustrious Gin’

Gin of the week (well Fortnight due to Wimbledon) with Tennis Championships at Wimbledon what better than a strawberry gin.

Stunning new wine – AIX Rosé 2017, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence

Our stunning new wine AIX Rosé 2017, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence available by the bottle or Magnum! Perfect for sharing and enjoying in the summer sun.

Gin of the Week – ‘Jarrold’s Gin’ Tasting Thursday

Jarrold’s Gin Small batch London dry gin – made with care and attention at The Nodding Donkey distillery in Chichester, West Sussex
Our gin of the week!

Gin of the Week – ‘Brilliant Gin’ Join us for a free tasting

Our gin of the week! Which we will be having a tasting on Thursday afternoon between 3-6 in our new Courtyard Garnish Garden, why not join us!?

CEO Sleep-out to raise awareness for homelessness in our community.

This May I am sleeping out at Fratton Park for CEO Sleep-out to raise awareness for homelessness in our community.
Read about why I’m doing it and what it’s all about.

Ingredients Matter; Obsession for perfection

Back in January, on a wet and miserable day, I had the pleasure of visiting Home Farm on The Goodwood Estate. Goodwood is committed to the care of the soil, using a traditional system that provides ideal conditions for increasing the natural flora and fauna across the Estate.

Bishops Slayer Stout – Available now

Once famous for its oysters, Emsworth’s reputation was dragged into the mud in 1902 after the Dean of Winchester Cathedral, The Very Reverend William Stephens, died of food poisoning following a banquet containing oysters from the town.

Cask Marque Approved Hampshire Pubs –

Looking for great Cask Marque approved Hampshire pubs?

Arundel Brewery Tour

ARUNDEL BREWERY TOUR Event Date: Sunday the 2nd of October Event Description: In our second event of the Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2016 Celebrations, we invite you to join us for a tour of Arundel Brewery beers armed with taste! This will include a tasting and meet the brewer followed by a traditional roast dinner at the […]